What Is a Yellow Dog Contract Quizlet

A yellow dog contract, also known as an anti-union agreement, is a type of contract that prohibits employees from joining or participating in a labor union. These contracts were commonly used in the early 20th century by companies to prevent unionization and maintain control over their workforce.

The term "yellow dog" is believed to have originated from the idea that workers who signed these agreements were like "yellow dogs" who would be loyal to their employer no matter what.

Yellow dog contracts were often used in industries such as mining, manufacturing, and transportation, where labor unions were strong and had the potential to disrupt operations. The agreements included clauses that required employees to agree not to strike or participate in any labor disputes, and in some cases, even prevented workers from discussing working conditions.

These contracts were eventually outlawed by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, which gave workers the right to join or form unions without fear of retaliation from their employer. However, some companies continued to use similar agreements that were not explicitly called yellow dog contracts.

Today, the use of anti-union agreements is still a controversial issue, with some arguing that they infringe on workers` rights to organize and bargain collectively. Others believe that these agreements are necessary for businesses to maintain control over their workforce and ensure productivity and profitability.

In conclusion, a yellow dog contract is an anti-union agreement that prohibits employees from joining or participating in labor unions. While these contracts were common in the past, they have been outlawed by the National Labor Relations Act, and their use today remains a contentious issue. Understanding the history and implications of yellow dog contracts is important for both workers and employers alike.

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